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provide extensive information about AR ( ). AR Personal Security [United States Department of the Army] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The United States Army Publishing. QR code for Ar Title, Ar Personal Security. Publisher, BiblioGov, ISBN, , Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote.

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AR —4 Use of Contingency Limitation. Cited in paras 2—3 c and 4—3. Periodic use of stress courses in the firing of weapons af required.

This will include maintenance of a control log and monthly physical inventories of credentials. Individual and team training is essential to the mission performance of the SRT in responding to crises.

The SRT could also be included in contingency planning in the event of combat hostilities and sabotage.

Summon required assistance and establish a location for the 1190-58 post.


Negotiators, when pressured, will indicate that this decision is beyond local authorities to decide. 19-058 professional practitioners available for consultation psychologists, members of the clergy, lawyers, or probation or parole officers especially if they have previously dealt with the abductor. This responsibility may be delegated to installation commanders.

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They will be periodically tested under varied scenarios, qualify quarterly with their assigned weapons, and receive advanced first-aid training to include cardiovascular pulmonary resuscitation CPR qualification. The request will include the following information:. MACOM commanders assigned the responsibility for designated geographical areas will provide for the personal safety and security of personnel assigned to or traveling within these areas.

This will include liaison with neighboring jurisdictions. Project and protocol officers, security. Installation SRT organization, training, equipment, and operational procedures will be outlined in writing. Personnel selected for full-time protective service duties must successfully complete the U.

This would include uniformed and nonuniformed security personnel military, U. Contents Listed by paragraph and page number. The expirationdate will be typed on the line provided on DA Form This includes the planning and execution of close-in 1190-58 for the principal, and 19-058 coordinating every phase of the mission to include the middle and outer cordons of security with the major Army command MACOM responsible for the geographical area.

Respond to the hostage incident with a Threat Management Force.

Major disruptions on installations Examples include the following acts, threats, or attempted acts which have the potential for widespread publicity and which require special response, tactics, and management: The request will 109-58 the following information: Keep the abductor talking as long as possible. Personnel performing full-time protective service duties must maintain proficiency of their technical skills. This regulation implements DOD Directive — If appropriate, establish a press center.


Users aar invited to send comments and suggested improvements on DA Form Recommended.

Responsibilities must be clearly defined throughout the protective mission. Vehicles should be similar to those available on the local economy in order to blend with the local environment; however, they will not exceed the class II designation for a compact sedan unless approval for a larger class vehicle has been granted by the Secretary of the Army in accordance with AR 58—1.

Army Criminal Investigation Command. Installation commanders will maintain an SRT capable of responding to a terrorist incident or other disruption on the installation within 190–58 hours or less from the time of notification.

AR Personal Security

Chapter 5 Hostage Negotiations 5—1. Communicate by telephone or provide the. Cited in paras 4—3 and 5—3.