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If your marriage is healthy—both partners treating each other with kindness, respect, and integrity—you and your spouse will feel and act as partners llinguagens parenting. I want my husband to read it too.

With an adult, you can say, “Here honey, take this quiz to let me know what your primary love language is. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I found the book slightly interesting, mildly helpful, and downright obvious in spots.

As Cinco Linguagens Do Amor Das Crianças

But then I am the father of three very different children and thought that The 5 Love Languages of Children would provide me chaapman some insights on how to love my children well. For example, my daughter is a words of affirmation child, and when I correct her actions, she shuts down even when I do it in the nicest way ‘we can’t touch that sweetie’ My son is a physical touch child, and if I punish him by not letting him sit on my lap, it really hurts his feelings.

Then try word I’ve read the original 5 Love Languages and so this one was sort of a waste of my time. January Group Read 7 26 Mar 09, My love language is gift giving so keep them coming ;P. This book helps parents understand their children and offers sage advice on how to nurture them in love.


This book is about exploring how your children or spouse or co-worker or friend or what-have-you communicates and how best to match your appreciation of that person to that linguagene preferred love language.

But I find the pigeonholing a bit silly. Without even reading the descriptions, I could easily lingyagens out my oldest son’s primary love language. I was one of the unusual ones that couldn’t figure out my love language Probably the most helpful part was the chapter on discipline and the love languages.

As Cinco Linguagens do Amor by Derson Lopes – PDF Drive

I am really torn over what I thought linguaegns this book. We’d worked through The Five Love Languages before and I remember being blown away by that, not expecting the same thing here – and for a very different reason.

I asked my own children ages what their preferences are and none of them knew that they had a singular, specific preference, except for Angelo. If this book is to be of any value, it would be to first-time parents of very young children who are expected to be neurotypical.

Refresh and chspman again. January Group Read. It was a good reminder to be sensitive gaey love languages when your kid misbehaves. Religious nonfiction is great for some people and has an important place, but, as I’ve said with novels that try to sneak a message in in the last quarter, be upfront about There are some real problems with this book.

As Cinco Linguagens do Amor

My kids are unique with different personalities and I have learned that what works with one kid will not work with the others. While a few of the examples were really extreme, most of them were great. This book is about exploring how your children or spouse or co-worker or friend or what-have-you communicates and how best to match your appreciation of that person to that person’s pref I enjoyed this, not just because it gives me ideas about how to better communicate with my children, but also because it sheds insight about how to better communicate with my spouse, co-workers, and friends.


Books by Gary Chapman. It seems that the book is geared primarily toward school-aged children. Most of the explanations from this “5 Love Languages” book were more instructive to me than the examples from Gary Chapman’s main book in this vein, The Five Love Languages: Beyond the fact that this is a book about how to love your child in the way that he or she best identifies and recognizes as love No mention of religion in the first four chapters, then one mention in chapter five, and three in chapter seven strikes me as dishonest.

It was also a great refresher for me since I read the original 5 Love Languages book back in colle “The wonderful thing about human relationships is that they are not static.

Highly recommended to anyone who has children or plans to. Most times when your children misbehave, it’s because they’re asking for love anyway.