D., PROFESSOR OF SANSKRIT IN THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE. PREFACE. OF the three Satakas or centuries of couplets ascribed to Bhartrihari, the Mti. Bhartṛhari is a Sanskrit writer to whom are normally ascribed two influential Sanskrit texts: scholarship. The name Bhartrihari is also sometimes associated with Bhartrihari traya Shataka, the legendary king of Ujjaini in the 1st century. Bhartrihari Nitishatakam. Front Cover. Bhartrhari, P. P. Sharma Bibliographic information. QR code for Bhartrihari Nitishatakam. Title, Bhartrihari Nitishatakam.

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Coming here after such a long time! The explanation for this stanza may be supplied from the fable which represents Indra as cutting off the wings of the mountains. This distinction may be thought nitishataakm be similar to that of the present notion of phoneme.

The system of Kapila, which is here given in a trans- lation from the Sankhya Kfirika, is the only contribution of India to pure philosophy.

Bhartṛhari – Wikipedia

Parasu Rama, Rama with the axe ; 7. Setting Forth of Kdla. If he give his mind to poetry, what need has he of power? The result of thirty-five years of inquiry, reflection, and speculation, and that on subjects as full of fascination as of food for thought. The mind of the constant man is not pierced by the arrows shot from the glances of love ; he is not con- sumed by the fire of anger: Abel is an opponent from whom it is pleasant to differ, for he writes with enthusiasm and temper, and his mastery over the English language fits him to be a champion of unpopular doctrines.

Bhartrinari always, I can count on Exotic India to find treasures not found in stores in my area. The distinction must be observed between Samsdra vichhitti, ” the destruction of future births,” and Svarga, which is the paradise of the enjoyment of objects of sense. The energy of the noble-minded man proceeds from his natural disposition, not from his youth. Hitopadesa, Mitraldbhah, ” Chakravat parivartante bhxrtrihari cha sukhani cha. The ascetics who, pure in heart, have suc- ceeded in crossing it successfully, are filled with joy.

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You, as you pay flattery to your rich patrons with your voice and limbs disguised, are, as it were, the actors in a comedy. Nitizhatakam is an old Hindi movie Bhartrihari which has some wonderful songs, and it is about the the king of Ujjain, as mentioned in the post.

We lie on the banks of Siva’s own river, and we in- voke him with piercing cries, calling ” Siva!

However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study. The milk then follows the water, and, combined together, they extinguish the fire, their enemy. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I am satisfied with the divine voice which sheds forth words over my mind sweeter than honey, richer than butter. The E-mail Address es you nitishtakam is are not in a valid format.

Bhartrihari Nitishatakam

For whose sake was Meru created by fate full of wealth as it is? The poetical rasas are ten: The moon obscured by the daylight, a woman no longer young, a pond destitute of water-lilies, a handsome man who talks nonsense, a prince entirely devoted to money, a good man always in calamity, an evil man dwelling in a king’s court these are seven thorns in my mind. Tiele’s name is in itself nitishataka guarantee ; and the description of the successive religions under the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom, is given in a manner which is scholarly and minute.

It is merely an elaborated form of the English proverb, “Speech is silver, silence is gold. For Brahma working in the egg, cf. The removal of hunger and thirst are not really plea- sure, only a temporary removal of a pain. A man who is famishing longs for a handful of grain ; but when he has revived, he looks on the whole earth as a mere handful of grass.


My mind desires to attain to union with Siva, for through union with him mitishatakam that restlessness arising from the discussion as to the meaning of the different Sastras is allayed ; the emotions, stirred up by poetry with its various sentiments, are made to cease ; the multitude of doubts is entirely swept away. It is, in fact, a most valuable contribution to the comparative study of religion and mythology.

Bohlen makes a distinction between these two words, but they both niitishatakam the same idea of pleasure in a thing desire after it. If he has anger in his heart, what further enemy need he fear? But the more thanks are due to him on that account for the way in which he has acquitted himself in his laborious task.


It only remains for me to convey my thanks to the friends who, in various ways, have so kindly and willingly contributed their aid in helping me to carry out this work.

Translated into English from the original Sanskrit by B. I am grateful to be your customer. A king full of wrath hath no friend. A period of c.

The section with which this sloka begins sets forth the characteristic marks of the wicked man. Thus do wise men reflect, and, though distressed, bhartrihadi not overwhelmed. How resist- less is the power of fate!