Incendiary: A Novel and millions of other books are available for instant access. . This item:Incendiary: A Novel (Book Club Readers Edition) by Chris Cleave. I drafted Incendiary during six insomniac weeks in the spring of , when my . be interested to know what you think. Thanks again for your kind words. Chris. INCENDIARY won the Somerset Maugham Award, was shortlisted for the Chris Cleave is a true talent in his ability to have you crying for the most .

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While some stories can benefit from a character’s unique linguistic style, this was just distracting. He nailed it so well for me that I had to look up the storyline details to see if it was based on a true story Cleaev we will win because we have to. It’s truly a remarkable book, and I strongly encourage you to get it today. It’s in details such as these that Cleave seems to get the ratio between prophecy and satire satisfyingly correct.

Also shows a deep understanding of the lives and passions of the working class. You have shown me how terrorism devastates lives long after the initial blast. It is always impressing to read a man writing from a woman point of view.

The story behind INCENDIARY – Chris Cleave

Little Bee was also a good read. I had read The Other Hand which is why I wanted to see you for myself. I think the same goes for words and writing. He is does an excellent job at giving each character a unique voice and it really makes me buy into the world of the story, even when it hinges on ridiculous. Thank you, Chris Cleave. We need to be shaken up a bit, now and then! I was hesitant to read this book at first, knowing incendiray it was written in the form of a letter.


Live and let live is my motto and if every one thought along those lines there would be no wars. I had to give up on The Slap after about 80 pages. There was great tension between the reactions of those personally benefitting from the brave new world and those grieving the old one. I think all we can do, as incenxiary say, is to try to act well in our own lives and hope that our higher-ups will be influenced by our collective example.

I am not saying Muslims cbris get a lot of unfair backlash but I am saying that truth needs to read as truth, not your agenda driven attempt at getting me to react to something. A fictional but eerily realistic terror attack rips through London and the life of one small family.

The characters are not quite satirical, yet not quite real. Perhaps the book’s greatest success is how it explores what happens to “regular” folks in the aftermath of national tragedies. Hi Jan — thank you very much for your kind words, which have really picked me up today!

I was impressed with Little Bee. Und das ist Ich hoffe schlichtweg, dass das englische Original eine bessere Sprache bietet. I am only half way through so maybe this fact is to be addressed before the end of the book; if so I apologise. Thanks alot again for creatin such an art, may God bless u in ur works, be safe. This book really made me realize and feel and smell incehdiary hear what Little Bee went through. You have also shown me how, through the eyes of Terence Butcher and our heroines husband the responsibility of our safety can be felt and how our Security Forces view the world, their day at work can be a living hell in comparison to mine.

Want to Read saving…. All the best for your book club. My son was 29 years 11 months and 21 days when he died but he was still my little boy. She relates, to Osama, all of the events and all of her feelings from immediately before the atrocity to many months afterwards.


Chris Cleave explores that question in an epistolary structure; the nameless woman writes a letter to Osama bin Laden incendary the aftermath of the attack.

Reality bites

Incendiary is so genuinely thought-provoking. The foundation of her character does not want to give back to anyone the hate which has been measured on her life.

We all love a happy ending but sometimes there is no happy ending. Bit confusing though that Little Bee and Sarah are sort of talking in first person. Now to track down a copy of Incendiary. This book needs to be read; living through your character has given me new hope and an aspiration, that I can be as brave as the survivors of May Day and do something to inceendiary the world.

Yesterday I read Incendiary and literally could not put it down — I read it in 7 hours straight!

People seem to like the book, and yet it has proved strangely divisive. My heart is racing a bit faster as I literally finished Incendiary ten minutes ago.

The writing is crisp and readable, until it sputters and turns to ash after page It took me just incenxiary few days to get to the end of it, but its effect still lingers. You could hear a pin drop. It shows what happens when the slow-burning, pent-up fear of life under the threat of terrorism suddenly erupts, and it’s not a pretty sight.

Thank you, Chris, for that!

We also felt the scene with the stampede and panic across the bridge to be truly believeable and so awful.