Euthynnus alletteratus. This schooling fish lives in a great deal of the oceans and seas, preferring the open waters and coastal ocean zones. The Little Tunny, Euthynnus alletteratus. Illustration by Diana Rome Peebles Courtesy of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Division of . Species Fact Sheets. Euthynnus alletteratus (Rafinesque, ). See tree map display tree map. FAO Names. En – Little tunny(= skipj), Fr – Thonine.

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Gilbert, Carter; Williams, James The pectoral fins are short and do not reach the end of the first dorsal fin and are joined to the pelvic fins by interpelvic processes.

Connect with us Help us improve the site euthynnys taking our survey. It is commonly eaten as such in Japan. Some anglers use little tunny for strip bait to catch other species, but most fish are released as the Little Tunny is not commonly thought of as a food fish.

Its diet also responds to seasonal changes in food availability. Dentition Lower jaw protrudes slightly past the upper jaw; there is a single row of small, inwardly curved teeth with similar teeth on the palatines. The spawning season of the little tunny in the Mediterranean is generally between May and September, but the most intensive spawning occurs eutthynnus July and August.

The dolphin fish Coryphaena hippurus feeds on the little tunny.

ADW: Euthynnus alletteratus: CLASSIFICATION

John Wiley and Sons, Inc. It has a compact torpedo shape, with a pointed snout and a strong crescent tail, ideal for bursts of speed. Bilateria allettreatus symmetrical animals.


Other locations include the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. Commonly called bonitafalse albacoreor little tunait resembles the Atlantic bonitoskipjack tunaand species of mackerel. Learn from the Experts at Salt Water Magazine.

Little tunny

The maximum recorded size eutuynnus 48 inches cm and He also referred to this fish as Euthinnus alleteratusScomber alleteratusPelamys alleterataGymnosarda alletterataEuthynnus alleteratus alleteratusGymnosarda alleterata alletterxtus, Euthynnus alliteratusand Euthynnus allitteratus.

Add your observation in Fish Watcher Native range All suitable habitat Point map Year This map was computer-generated and has not yet been reviewed.

All of these places are where bait fish like sardine and menhadenboth favorites of the little tunny, form large schools, which are very helpful to the little tunny’s feeding style.

Euthynnus alletteratus Bonito Also: Main reference Upload your references References Coordinator: Marine; brackish; reef-associated; oceanodromous Ref. Size, Age, and Growth The average size of the little tunny allstteratus up to 32 inches 81 cm in length, weighing up to 20 lbs 9. Adult little tunny school according to size with other scombrid species at depths ranging from feet m.

Species Euthynnus alletteratus Bonito. The mouth is large, slightly curved, and terminal with rigid jaws.

The very young will enter estuaries in South Africa. Entered by Papasissi, Christine. Life cycle and mating behavior Maturity Reproduction Spawning Eggs Fecundity Larvae Eggs are shed in several euthjnnus when the water is warmest. The little tunny is frequently used as a bait for shark and marlin fisheries, primarily due to their high oil content and good hook retention.

It alletterqtus the most common scombrid in the western north Atlantic. There have been reports of ciguatera poisoning related to human consumption of this fish.


It is often confused with the skipjack tunathe frigate tunathe Atlantic bonito, and the bullet tuna. Retrieved 4 January It is marketed fresh, dried, canned, smoked, and frozen. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It is dark blue-gray on top, fading to silver white below, and has several dark, wavy lines on its upper sides. Distinctive Features The little tunny has a robust, torpedo-shaped body built for powerful swimming.

Euthynnus alletteratus

Anterior spines of first dorsal fin much higher than the those mid-way, giving the fin a strongly concave outline. Little tunny feed on herring.

Dolphin friendly tuna Scombroid food poisoning Tuna Fishing painting Tunagate. When trolling for Little Tunny, fishermen often use small lures baited with either mullet or ballyhoo or lures dressed with colored feathers. Pigmentation in the eyes appear 48 hours after hatching.

It has a compact and stream-lined body built to facilitate bursts of speed, as well as endurance while swimming.

FAO Fisheries & Aquaculture – Aquatic species

Other parasites include digenea flukesmonogenea gillwormscestoda tapewormsand isopods. Sardines, scad, and anchovies are common in the diet along with squid, stomatopods, and organisms from the family Diogenidae. It is a popular game fish because of its speed and strength, allftteratus can averages 32 inches and 20 pounds, but has been caught as large as 48 inches.

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